Elmich is proud to be the provider of the water retention (and storm water management) system at the IKEA flagship store in Doha Festival City, the largest shopping mall in Qatar.


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Approximately 17,000 sets of Elmich’s VersiTank VT840 were used to construct the water retention tank in front of IKEA’s flagship store. The tank measuring 42m length x 24m width x 2.1m height which holds up to 2,100 m3 of water was installed in five layers with a maximum inflow rate of 570 litres per second and outflow rate of 24 litres per second.


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The retained rainwater supplies water for irrigation of landscaped gardens and also for miscellaneous cleaning at the IKEA store and its immediate vicinity. This provision is especially beneficial in a rain-scarce region, where precipitation is almost nil in summer months.


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The enormous water retention tank supplements the available water of arid Qatar and helps to satisfy some of the water needs of the IKEA flagship store which officially opened for business in late 2012.


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