Oceano Warner Center is a new apartment community located in the Warner Center area of Woodland Hills, CA. Technically part of Los Angeles, Warner Center is an edge city, designed as an urban area to relieve traffic congestion in the San Fernando Valley. Oceano was built with an urban aesthetic, and designed to meet all LEED requirements. The property is gorgeous, as you can see from these pictures.


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The VGM green wall is combined with a fountain on site


The landscape design was done by Sitescapes of Costa Mesa. The complex has extensive inground landscaping. Sitescapes and the architect augmented this landscape with a living wall integrated behind a fountain in the common area.


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Plants growing in at the Instant Jungle Nursery


The grow-in prior to installation was done at the Instant Jungle nursery. They had enough time to allow the modules to get nice and full prior to going up on the wall. One of the most important lessons that we’ve learned with living walls is “the more time for grow-in, the better the wall looks on day one, and the better it looks over time”.


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The borders of the modules have virtually disappeared


The 64 VGM modules (approx. 200sq. ft.) were installed by Fairco Developer Landscape Service.

These images were taken 2-3 months after installation. Because the modules had time to grow in, the borders/edges of the modules have already disappeared. The selection of plants really helped, as they all were “bushy” enough on growing in to hide the edges.


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It is a very successful installation, and added a very modern look to a gorgeous urban-feeling complex.


Article Courtesy of Tournesol Siteworks, Elmich exclusive VGM distributor in the USA.