Today’s global and volatile economy challenges organizations with exponentially increasing level of complexity and uncertainty. Continuous crisis and corporate collapses have highlighted the vulnerability of organizations to risk issues: greed, fraud, competition, increasing pace of technological and business changes, escalating compliance requirements, terrorism, reliance on IT, complexity of the supply chain, corporate social responsibility, fragility of reputation and many others.
To ensure that we have the capabilities and processes in place to service our customers well during volatile times, Elmich has been certified Business Continuity Management (BCM) ready according to BS 25999 and SS 540 standards since November 2011.


Our commitment to ensuring the resilience of our company was acknowledged by the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) at the BCM Award Ceremony 2013 on 24 January 2013. During the ceremony, a plaque was presented by Mr. Victor Tay, Chief Operating Officer of SBF, to Mr. Ryan Lee, Managing Director of Elmich.


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More details about BCM and the award can be found here: