Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) is Lendlease’s largest integrated development in Asia. The 17-acre development is the first development in Malaysia to achieve a neighbourhood-level provisional Green Building Index (GBI) certification and sets to become Kuala Lumpur’s new Central Business District and Malaysia’s International Financial District.

Green Wall at Raintree Plaza

190 sqm of pre-planted VersiWall® GP (VGP) 2060 Trays were securely fastened onto VGP proprietary mounting panels, establishing a high-quality massive-sized green wall located within the Raintree Plaza (next to the northwest entrance of The Exchange). Each VersiWall® GP (VGP) 2060 Tray has a water reservoir with a cover designed to allow the re-use of stored water via capillary action to sustain plant growth during dry months. Excess water flows into underlying trays or is discharged through a drainage outlet, ensuring every plant receives the water they need for healthy growth.

Plaza Green Wall

Plaza Green Wall

Plaza Green Wall

Plaza Green Wall

Green Walls at The Exchange TRX

VersiWall® GP (VGP) 2060 Trays were securely fastened onto a welded mesh, establishing two high-quality large-sized green walls at the semi-shaded bleachers/staircase with seating located next to the first official Apple retail store in Malaysia. Automated irrigation systems were also built into the green walls, releasing precise amounts of water at predetermined times to sustain the plants.

Green Wall beside Staircase

Green Wall beside Staircase

Green Wall at Beauty Galleria (Retail Storefront)

VersiWall® GP (VGP) 2060 is also available in a fire-resistant variant and meets the Singapore Fire Code requirements for toxicity emissions, smoke density and fire spread, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor green wall installations.

Retail Storefront Green Wall

Project Credits
Owner: Lendlease and TRX City Sdn Bhd
Landscape Architect: LandArt Design Sdn Bhd
Architect: DP Architects, DP Design, DP Facade
Photo Credits: LandArt Design Sdn Bhd

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