On 8 May 2023, Singapore’s Mandai Bird Paradise at Mandai Wildlife Reserve opened its doors to the public. The 17-hectare park features eight enchanting walkthrough aviaries and more.

Next to the park is Mandai Wildlife West, a public guest area that comprises children’s play areas and various retail and dining options. Guests will be greeted by a majestic 10-meter-wall waterfall modelled after Indonesia’s Madakaripura waterfall.

Installation of Fire-Rated Deck

Due to the stringent fire & safety building requirements of this project, a fire-resistant version of VersiJack® (i.e. VersiJack® F FR) height-adjustable pedestals were installed with ONEWOOD to support the outdoor raised decks of the outdoor seating areas of the cafes and restaurants:

1. A&W Restaurant

Fig 3: Installation of  VersiJack® Height-Adjustable Pedestals with Aluminium Rails

Fig 4: Wood Decking Installed

Fig 5: Wood Decking Installed

Fig 6: Wood Decking with Finishing

Fig 7: Wood Decking with Finishing

Fig 8: A&W Restaurant 

Fig 9: Completed Wood Decking with Finishing

3. Old Chang Kee Coffee House

Fig 10: Completed Wood Decking with Finishing

Fig 11: Completed Wood Decking with Finishing

Fig 12: Completed Wood Decking with Finishing

Fig 13: Completed Wood Decking with Finishing

5. Han’s Union

Project Credits
Location: Mandai Wildlife West – Mandai Bird Paradise
Owner: Mandai Park Development Pte Ltd
Architect: RSP Architects Planners & Engineers (Pte) Ltd
Landscape Consultant: Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl
Main Contractor: Obayashi Singapore Private Limited
Decking Installer: DecorLand Pte Ltd
Decking Supplier: ONEWOOD

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Elmich pioneers outdoor construction innovation, especially in raised wood decking. With the ability to accommodate varying terrain and slopes, VersiJack® Pedestals make raised decking installation efficient and adaptable. Whether it’s a restaurant outdoor seating, patio,  courtyard, balcony, roof garden, sky terrace, condominium/hotel pool deck, or plaza space, Elmich’s raised wood decking solutions pave the way for efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and enduring outdoor spaces.

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