Elmich Project - The Java01


The five elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth represent Hong Kong’s core strengths of shopping, architecture, natural beauty, delicious cuisine and fascinating culture. No matter how many times people come from all over the world to visit the city, they marvel at one of Hong Kong’s greatest assets, Victoria Harbour.


Elmich Project - The Java04
Set in a near-harbourfront location in the heart of the city of Hong Kong, with some units able to enjoy the mesmerizing “Symphony of Lights”, featuring more than 40 Hong Kong’s skyscrapers along the harbourfront, is The Java which attracts flat buyers aspiring a metropolitan lifestyle.


Elmich Project - The Java03
Elmich VGM Green Wall has found its way to the 4th floor podium of the prestigious Hong Kong residential project surrounded by skyscrapers. The 30 m by 1.8 m Green Wall is another art piece specified and supplied by Keytech, Elmich’s partner in Hong Kong. Elmich VGM Green Wall system in combination with careful selection of plant species, the right dose of sunlight, water and nutrients produced a refreshing living wall in the midst of the concrete jungle. Visitors and residents of neighbouring blocks overlooking The Java share and admire the spectacular Elmich Green Wall.


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