The Java, Hong Kong


To provide the Green Wall System to enable the creation of a 30 m by 1.8 m living wall at the 4th floor podium of the prestigious Hong Kong residential project.


Nine free-standing steel framework panels framed by grand marble borders were constructed for the creation of the 30 m by 1.8 m Green Wall. Vertical Green Modules (VGM), each comprising a geotextile bag filled with soil-less lightweight planting media were planted in a nursery environment 3 months before intended installation to ensure firm establishment and progressively tilted, from horizontal to vertical, to allow orientation of the plants. An automated drip irrigation and fertilization system was incorporated for all the panels. The system allows individual modules to be removed and remounted, making maintenance and replacement of modules and/or plants easy.
Elmich VGM® Green Wall system in combination with careful selection of plant species, the right dose of sunlight, water and nutrients produced a refreshing living wall in the highly urbanised city of Hong Kong and is the treasure of residents at The Java and the envy of visitors and residents of overlooking neighbouring blocks.