B&B Italia Showroom @ SPACE, Singapore


To provide the Modular Green Wall system for the installation of a 45 m2 living wall to form the green backdrop at the courtyard within the showroom.


The living wall spanning the entire back of the courtyard (rising 6m high and 6.9m wide), was installed using the modular Elmich VGM Green Wall system. The modular box system and the use of inorganic planting media, both clean and easy to install, make it the ideal living wall system for installation within the confines of the posh showroom showcasing high-end furniture. Natural light from the light-well supported by artificial lighting installed at the glassed ceiling of the courtyard supply the light source necessary to sustain healthy plant growth.
Though indoors within the showroom, the feel and ambiance created by the living wall, provides the ideal green outdoor atmosphere for the display of the luxurious outdoor furniture. From the windows of the 2nd level of the showroom, patrons and visitors to the showroom are presented with an unobstructed view of the furniture on display in the courtyard below and also the entire living wall from top to bottom.