To provide the Modular Green Wall system for the installation of a 85 m2 Green Wall on the 35.4 m long wave-like RC wall fronting the main lobby of the Hotel, as part of its major upgrading and renovations.


The modular Elmich VGM Green Wall system was installed on the RC wall erected along the driveway fronting the main lobby of the Hotel. The 2.4m high wall serves to conceal the driveway leading to the Hotel’s underground car park on the other side of the wall. To account for the wall’s slightly meandering design, pilasters were spaced accordingly to allow mounting of the modular VGM modules along the wave-like curves of the 35.4m long wall. As the curves are very gentle, the slightly wider gaps between vertical rows of modules along the convex portions of the wall do not pose a problem as they are soon covered up when the plants are established.


The refreshing living wall serves as a welcome and invitation to guests of the Hotel from all over the world to discover the hotel’s new and exciting facilities after its extensive makeover.