The Elmich VGM® Green Wall is the system used for a green wall installed on a three metre high RC wall built along the main entrance of the Hotel Best Western Premier in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia serving as a curtain to shield guests from the busy thoroughfare fronting the hotel. In an area highly accessible to hotel guests and the general public, the modules of the wind load tested and PE Certified VGM® Green Wall are secured by Anti-Lift Arms which lock them to the stainless steel pilasters to which they are mounted, preventing inadvertent module dislodgment.
Up on the hotel’s Environmental Pool Deck, two Elmich VGM® Green Walls bring the wooden-decked courtyard to life with vertical greenery. Beneath the wooden deck, sturdy Elmich VersiJack® pedestals support the joists/bearers used to install the decking which lends a touch of class and elegance to the pool deck. Lightweight with high compressive strength coupled with easy height and slope adjustability make VersiJack® pedestals the ideal support choice beneath the new wooden decking added in A&A works on the existing roof deck of the hotel.