Designed by Professor Ken Yeang, internationally renowned as the ‘father’ of the sustainable bioclimatic building, the Solaris is located in Singapore’s One-North community at Fusionopolis, a R&D hub facilitating innovation and entrepreneurship in the fields of Infocomm Technology, Media, Physical Sciences & Engineering industries. With over 8,000 m2 of landscaping, the building’s vegetated areas exceed the footprint of the site on which it sits.


Greenroof - Solaris 01


1.5 kilometer Landscaped Ramp
The building’s extensive gardens act as a thermal and sound buffer and create areas for relaxation and event spaces. Its uninterrupted 1.5 kilometer long-3m wide perimeter landscaped ramp, runs from ground level all the way up to the rooftop, expanding into spacious sky terraces as it rounds each corner of the building. These skyrise green spaces allow occupants of the building to interact with and experience nature as well as enjoy views of the treetops of the adjacent one-north Park.


Greenroof - Solaris 02
Rainwater Recycling
Elmich Landscape Roof, the green roof system which facilitates the skyrise green spaces is also an integral part of a large-scale rainwater recycling system. Water discharging from about 10,000 sq m of VersiCell, sub-surface drainage modules, installed as part of the make-up of Elmich Landscape Roof is channeled to drainage downpipes at the perimeter ramp and also the roof via siphonic drainage and stored in tanks. A storage capacity of over 700 m3 allows for over five days of irrigation of the building’s extensive landscaped areas via recycled water between rainfalls.


Greenroof - Solaris 03
Environmental Benefits
The Elmich Landscape Roof also offers environmental benefits by acting as a chemical, biological and particulate filter, filtering stormwater runoff at source, and helping to alleviate downstream problems associated with heavy downpours by prolonging residence time on the roof.
Solaris was awarded the Green Mark Platinum rating, the highest level of certification granted by BCA’s Green Mark, Singapore’s sustainable building benchmark.


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