BIM which stands for Building Information Modelling is the process and technology used to create a digital representation of the building project or part of it. Recognising the growing adoption of BIM used by companies in the building and construction industry, Elmich has expanded its BIM object portfolio by appointing Dihub Pte Ltd, a 100% subsidiary of CPG Corporation to offer these Revit files at their BIM Marketplace.

Architects, designers, engineers, contractors or students can now readily download Elmich BIM objects to incorporate into their drawings and models, making it more convenient to facilitate their daily work with these information-rich digital files.

Visit the following links to download the respective BIM objects:

• VersiWall® GP_Single – Green Wall Tray and Panel
• VersiWall® GP_Multiple – Green Wall Tray and Panel
• VersiTank® 550 – Stormwater Management Tank
• VersiTank® 250 – Stormwater Management Tank
• VersiJack®_VJ-F4-5 – Paver & Bearer Support (117 – 281 mm)
• VersiJack®_VJ-F6-7 – Paver & Bearer Support (277 – 446 mm)
• VersiJack®_VJ-F8-9 – Paver & Bearer Support (437 – 771 mm)
• VersiJack®_VJ-F10-11 – Paver & Bearer Support (597 – 1016 mm)
• VersiCell® – Sub-Surface Drainage Cell
• VersiDrain® 60P – Water Storage & Drainage Module Green Roof
• Virtual Showroom – Sample of Product Applications

In addition, Elmich offers several additional online resources ranging from CAD drawings and specification documents here