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Come February 17, 2011, the ArtScience Museum, the final piece of the puzzle completing the Marina Bay Sands, will open. It will be Singapore’s largest private museum and the world’s only institution dedicated to bridging two cultural opposites – art and science. Elmich is proud to have played a part in the construction of a distinctive design feature of this iconic project.


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Designed by renowned architect, Moshe Safdie, the distinctive lotus-like structure of the ArtScience Museum stands out at the Marina Bay side of the development. Its lotus-inspired design lends a powerful iconic presence to Singapore’s waterfront and represents a symbolic gesture of welcome to guests and visitors from across the world. The distinct lotus form of the Museum is evocative of its noble objective – to advance the exploration of the arts and the sciences, and the connections between them.


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The museum’s unique roof is specially designed to funnel rainwater through to the centre atrium of the building as a waterfall into a reflecting pool. The rain water collected is then channeled for use in the building’s restrooms. At night, the same roof transforms into an amphitheatre, enthralling audiences with light and laser shows and fireworks with the city skyline in the background.


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The entire perimeter of the centre atrium is a large granite-paved area surrounded by a water-filled moat, making the building structure appear like a lotus sprouting from a pond. The thick and heavy granite pavers are supported by more than 5,000 Elmich VersiJack® pedestals for paver support adjusted to height of about 660 mm. The raised pavers allow various services to be concealed and provide a firm and level surface for visitors to marvel at the splendour and grandeur of this architectural masterpiece.

About VersiJack®

VersiJack® is a high strength, height and slope-adjustable pedestal for paver and decking support.

VersiJack® eliminates the need for brick or metal piers and is height adjustable from 75 mm to over 1000 mm. Integrated lock rings ensure that selected pedestal heights remain secure. It facilitates drainage and provides a cavity beneath pavers or decking where services can be concealed. The capillary break afforded eliminates the formation of efflorescence on the pavers and reduces sound and heat transmission. It allows easy access to waterproofing membranes and services when necessary. A hollow internal core allows additional ballast such as cement infill to be used for added stability when required.

VersiJack® is eco-friendly as it is manufactured from 100% recycled materials and is recyclable.