Pagoda Street, Singapore


To provide green wall system for installation of green wall


Mounting of the VGP Trays was made quick and easy by installation of proprietary VGP Mounting Panels which allow close mounting of up to 12 VGP trays per panel. A network of irrigation tubing was installed to automatically deliver water and fertilizer to the plants on the green wall at pre-set times for pre-determined durations, ensuring their sustained growth.

The VGP Trays were planted in-situ with selected lush pre-grown plants and hung at the maximum 12 trays to a panel to achieve a full lush green wall in the spa instantly. Anti-lift arms were inserted into individual trays to prevent inadvertent dislodgment of the VGP Trays from their mounting points.


The VGP Green Wall stands two-storey tall on the wall of the courtyard at the centre of the spa, visibly conspicuous through open wooden louvered windows from 3 sides. The VGP Green Wall brings a sense of peace and tranquility of a garden into the spa, complementing the spa’s therapeutic and serene ambience, helping to relieve tired minds and bodies and soothing stresses.