535 Clementi Rd, Singapore


To provide green wall system to install two living walls


A metal framework for welded mesh to be secured was positioned vertically for each of the green walls and a maintenance corridor created by positioning the framework a distance away from the actual wall. The welded mesh enables each VGP Tray to be firmly anchored using four of the tray’s six anchor hooks.

With the convenient maintenance corridor, tubing for the irrigation system are installed unobtrusively at the back of the wall. Incorporation of an automated irrigation system with an integrated control panel enables delivery of irrigation water and fertilizer to the plants of the green walls at pre-set times and programmed durations.


Simple transportation mesh racks on casters enable trays, pre-planted off-site with selected green wall plants, to be easily transported. At the installation site the trays are anchored, according to a pre-determined design, onto the welded mesh to create the living wall. Thereafter, insertion of Anti-Lift Arms locks individual VGP Trays securely to the mesh, preventing inadvertent dislodgement of the trays.


The two VGP green walls totaling 95 sq m installed on the walls at the building exterior and interior courtyard of the School stand in testimony as to how functional aesthetics and a solution to enhance environmental sustainability can both be achieved at the cost of only a low ground level footprint.