Technopark@Chai Chee, Singapore


To provide green wall system to install living walls in an office


The easy to install and significantly mess-free VGP Green Wall system is the ideal system for the installation of living walls in an office. Selected green wall plants were planted off-site into the VGP Trays. This then enabled the planted trays hung onto simple mesh racks to be easily transported to site, avoiding mess from media spills associated with in-situ planting on site.

The pre-planted trays were then mounted according to a pre-determined design and pattern onto VGP proprietary mounting panels installed from floor-to-ceiling at the reception and on three pillar columns, each on two sides, in the open-plan work area of the office.


In addition to firm anchorage with 3 pairs of hooks, Anti-Lift Arms inserted into the individual VGP Trays lock them securely to the mounting panels, effectively preventing inadvertent dislodgement of the trays. A drainage tube installed to connect the water discharge outlets of the bottommost row of trays channel excess water away, and keep the immediate area beneath the green walls dry.


The VGP Green Walls enliven the office environment and are a source of relaxation and stress relief, for the occupants as well as visiting guests, clients and customers.