Biopolis, Singapore


To provide the pedestal system to support bearers for installation of wooden decking at landscaped courtyard.
To provide sub-surface drainage cells for drainage in planter boxes.


VersiJack® pedestals were used to support bearers for installation of three raised wooden decked areas that complement water features at the landscaped courtyard of the building.
Bearers were secured with self-tapping screws to Bearer Holders on the pedestals to ensure that they do not shift and remained firmly in place during and after installation of the wooden decking. Where installation surface was sloped to fall for drainage, Slope Correctors were used to allow adjustments of up to 5% to maintain a level decking surface.
Essential services were hidden beneath the raised decking whilst gaps maintained between individual panels of the decking allowed surface water to drain away, both features combined provide safe enjoyment of the verdant area and water features at the courtyard.


VersiCell® sub-surface drainage modules were used to line the base as well as the sides of planter boxes. A geotextile filter fabric was installed over the modules before 100mm layer of sand followed by the media for planting were put in to enable planting of plants ranging from ground cover plants and shrubs to trees. The drainage modules prevent waterlogging and ponding in the planter boxes and help to maintain robust healthy plant growth at the landscaped courtyard.