Punggol, SIngapore


To provide facility for filtration and infiltration of stormwater before its discharge into the local storm drain network and also eliminate requirement for visible surface concrete drains at the exercise stations along the Riverside Walk. 


Linear pits were excavated at pre-determined locations along the riverside according to specifications. The base of each pit is compacted and leveled with a layer of coarse sand and lined with geotextile.VersiTank® units, assembled on-site, were then installed in the pits and covered over with geotextile lapped and sealed at all joints to envelope each tank.


The filter provided by the geotextile fabric allows rainwater to pass readily through into the tank below but ensures that solids, including mud and clay, are filtered and prevented from entering. Water entering the tank, either slowly infiltrates into the surrounding substrate or is channeled to connected pipes and discharged directly into the immediate drainage network. The sides of the pit and also the top of the tank are backfilled with coarse sand, completing the installation and creating dry sand pit areas where exercise equipment are installed.


The dry ponds eliminate the need for an impermeable concrete base for the installation of the exercise equipment at the exercise stations, allowing both the stations and equipment installed to merge seamlessly into the linear park along the river.