Bukit Panjang, Singapore


To provide underground tank facilities for infiltration and filtration of stormwater before discharge into the local storm drain network in the sports park.


Pits were excavated to specification at pre-determined locations in the compound of the sports park. Each pit is compacted and leveled with a layer of coarse sand and lined with geotextile. VersiTank® units assembled on-site were then positioned in the pits and covered over with geotextile lapped and sealed at all joints to envelope each tank.


The geotextile filter fabric allows rainwater to pass or percolate into the tank below but ensures that solids, including mud and clay, are filtered and prevented from entering. Water that percolate into the tank, either slowly infiltrates into the surrounding substrate or is channeled into connected pipes linked to the immediate drainage network for discharge. The sides and the top of the pit is backfilled with coarse sand and topped with regular soil for establishment of landscape plants, completing the VersiTank installation.


The underground tank installations eliminate the need for visible concrete drains on the surface.