Cornwall Gardens, Singapore


To provide paver support and conceal services in a reflective pool feature at the front façade of the residential bungalow.


VersiPave® pedestals with height raised with 2 extenders were positioned in the shallow side of the pool. Height adjustments and compensation for fall in the floor slab were easily carried out with the aid of individually adjustable chocks at each quadrant of the pedestals. Underwater lights inserted into the centre hollow core of VersiPave® pedestals placed at strategic locations in the pond provide illumination beneath water level. Pipes and services are effectively concealed below the raised pavers. VersiJack® pedestals support the pavers at the deep end of the pool which houses the pump and filter system. To enable the submissible lights to be installed at the deep end of the pond, VersiPave® paver supports were secured to the top of VersiJack® pedestals with connectors.


The reflective pool accentuated by a bonsai tree at the centre and a green wall backdrop creates a therapeutic zen-like ambience and oriental feel.