Hospital Drive, Singapore General Hospital


To provide support for installation of pavers
To provide sub-surface drainage modules to facilitate efficient drainage in planter boxes


VersiJack® pedestals were extended to appropriate heights and positioned directly over the floor slab to support heavy 600 x 600 x 50mm pavers. A screw-adjust and an integrated locking ring system allowed easy height adjustments and confirmed heights to be secured. Slope Correctors allowed compensation for any slope to fall in the floor slab to facilitate drainage beneath the raised pavers whilst Spacer Tabs enabled constant gaps to be maintained between the pavers. Rubber shims were placed over the Spacer Tabs on the pedestal tops both to make minor height adjustments and provide insulation to reduce vibration and sound transfer. The raised pavers create attractive safe, dry and level open spaces and pathways at the hospital’s landscaped sky gardens.
VersiCell® sub-surface drainage modules were installed at the base and also the sides of planter boxes at the sky gardens. Healthy plant growth is sustained by providing the necessary drainage to prevent waterlogging and ponding in the planter boxes. A geotextile was laid over the modules and 100mm of sand placed on top before infill of approved soil media for planting.
The planter boxes and paved open areas and pathways in the sky gardens create a greener and cooler new heart centre with a therapeutic environment.