Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


To provide pedestal support for granite pavers around the central atrium of the Lotus-inspired Museum and provide a viewing platform for patrons.


VersiJack® pedestals support granite pavers to a height of more than 600mm, bringing the paver surface level with the lotus pond forming the surrounding moat. The pedestals are easy to install and are height and slope adjustable to achieve a firm and level paver surface. Unsightly services are hidden beneath the raised pavers but are readily accessible for maintenance when required. The paver deck also provides the capillary break necessary to eliminate efflorescence. Spacer tabs maintain a uniform gap between pavers that allow water to freely drain away and the pavers to dry out quickly.


The paved deck forms a grand viewing area around the central atrium where patrons are able to enjoy from all angles, the lotus pond and the corresponding picturesque backdrop.