Cove Drive, Sentosa – Singapore


To provide slope stabilisation for plant media confinement to enable planting on the pitched and horizontal rooftop of the seaside bungalow.


Water retention and a base drainage layer is provided by VersiDrain® 25P water retention and drainage trays. A geotextile filter fabric is then installed blanketing the water retention and drainage trays.



For added security and strength, VersiWeb® panels are installed straddling the horizontal rooftop and the steep slope of the concrete roof to be planted. The honeycombed cells of VersiWeb® contain and confine the planting media for the establishment of a refreshing crown of grass. VersiWeb® uniformly distributes weight-bearing loads and prevents planting media and the carpet of grass from being dislodged and sliding down the steep sloping roof. Perforations in the cell walls of VersiWeb® facilitate inter-cell drainage and prevent hydrostatic build-up.



Besides setting the bungalow apart from its immediate neighbours, the resultant green slopes are aesthetically pleasing and form an effective shield against the intense tropical sun, helping to protect and prolong lifespan of the waterproofing on the roof. The green roof also helps to keep interior living spaces cool and surrounding ambient temperatures down, mitigating UHIE.