Jalan Jambu Ayer, Singapore


To provide the Green Roof System to establish an extensive green roof on the metal rooftop of the car porch.


VersiCell® drainage modules were placed in between the raised ridges of the corrugated metal roof of the car porch to create a level surface for positioning of VersiDrain® 25P water retention and drainage trays. A geotextile filter fabric was then laid over the trays to allow lightweight EnviroMix® GR planting media to be placed on the trays for planting of selected drought-tolerant plants on the metal roof. A network of irrigation lines connected to a tap point was installed to enable easy irrigation of the plants on the roof when required.
Water retained in the individual cells of VersiDrain® 25P trays allow stored water to be delivered by capillary action to the planting media for irrigation of the plants during prolonged dry spells, helping to reduce irrigation frequency for the green roof and ensuring sustained healthy plant growth.