Tanglin Road, Singapore


To provide the system to establish a green wall on the concrete wall at the end of the raised platform of the Alexandra Canal Linear Park


Vertical Greening Modules (VGM®) were bolted directly onto the concrete wall in a staggered design.


Each VGM module contains a geotextile bag filled with EnviroMix® GW, a primarily inorganic soil-less lightweight planting media. Two months pre-planting prior to installation enabled firm establishment and vertical orientation of the selected plants in the controlled environment of a nursery.


The completed installation created a wall of lush greenery beside the pedestrian walkway that runs parallel to the adjacent road, hiding the concrete wall that marks the end of the raised platform installed over the canal to create the Alexandra Canal Linear Park. The living wall helps the otherwise bare concrete wall to blend seamlessly into the green ambience of the park and is enjoyed by one and all.