Ocean Way, Sentosa Cove, Singapore


To provide the system to establish a 62 sq m free-standing green wall stretching 17 m along the front of the Quayside Isle
To provide the systems to install 800 sq m of green roof on the twin roofs of the Quayside Isle


VGM® Green Wall
Vertical Greening Modules (VGM®), each containing a geotextile bag filled with EnviroMix® GW, a primarily inorganic soil-less lightweight planting media, were pre-planted in a controlled nursery environment. Pre-planting about 6 to 8 weeks prior to installation enabled selected plants to be firmly established and orientated vertically.
A free-standing metal framework constructed along the grass verge of the road running parallel to the Quayside Isle enabled pilaster rails to be bolted to anchor the VGM® modules. The visually attractive green wall forms a living curtain that keeps the goods delivery area and garbage disposal bay away from public view. The green wall also serves as a green banner to welcome patrons of the quayside attraction as well as W Hotel.


Extensive Green Roof
VersiDrain® 25P drainage and water retention trays were positioned in 15 tray panels installed in a staggered formation amongst solar panels of similar size to form the roof garden on the metal beams of the roof. A geotextile filter fabric was laid over the trays to enable EnviroMix to be placed for planting of Phyllanthus Myrtifolius, Portulaca, and Ophiopogon Jaboran, drought-tolerant plants.


Landscape Roof
VersiCell® sub-surface drainage modules were installed over the waterproofing membrane on five sections of concrete roof at the end of and in between the four sections of the twin roofs of the isle. 100mm of sand placed over a geotextile layer positioned over the drainage modules allowed planting soil to be added for Pedilanthus Tithymaloides Nana, Leucophyllum Frutescens and Scaevola Taccada to be planted.