42 East Coast Road, Singapore


To provide at the E-deck :

  1. Green wall system for installation of green walls
  2. Bearer support for installation of decking at pool surrounds
  3. Drainage cells for sub-surface drainage in planter boxes


VersiWall® GP (VGP) 2060

Two walls, each facing the other, at the E-deck were turned into living walls using the VGP 2060 Green Wall system.  BRC wire mesh installed onto vertical metal hollow bars bolted to the walls provided the platform for mounting the VGP 2060 Trays.

VGP 2060 Trays were planted in-situ with a selection of pre-grown plants to provide a palette of attractive leafy green plants in a variety of green shades to create the eye-pleasing living walls.  The planted VGP 2060 Trays were hung onto the wire mesh to form attractive living lines and patterns.  Anti-lift arms were inserted to prevent individual trays on the wall from inadvertent dislodgement.



Bearer joists below the wooden-decked pool surrounds are supported by SpiraPave® pedestals.  Accessories of the height adjustable pedestal including Bearer Holders to secure the bearers on the pedestal and Slope Correctors to compensate for any slope to fall on the installation surface were employed to create the firm and level wooden deck.



VersiCell® sub-surface drainage modules provided the drainage in planter boxes to prevent waterlogging and ponding in the planted areas.


Elmich is the complete solution provider on the E-deck of the condominium ensuring optimum harmony, elegance and comfort, and balance between the residents and nature.