Block 210 Depot Road, Singapore


To provide green wall system for installation of green wall at basement courtyard 


Proprietary Mounting Panels of the VersiWall® GP (VGP) 2060 green wall system were bolted directly to the wall to enable easy mounting of VGP Trays. The panels were installed from right to left starting from the bottom row in sequential order.

An automated irrigation system was installed to provide delivery of water and fertilizer at pre-determined times for pre-programmed durations.  The irrigation is divided into two zones.  The upper zone supplies irrigation from top of the wall to the halfway point on the wall and the other from halfway point to the bottommost row of trays of the wall. Excess water is discharged through the drainage outlets of the bottommost row of trays connected to a larger pipe laid below the wall. This keeps the immediate vicinity of the green wall dry.

VGP Trays were pre-planted off-site and delivered to site using transporting racks comprised of welded wire mesh tied to an A-frame.   The planted trays were anchored to the mounting panels from right to left starting from the bottom row, a sequence which allows easy close planting and is most systematic and efficient.  Plant palette provided by a selection of suitable plants created a pleasant design on the wall.  Anti-lift Arms were inserted to prevent inadvertent dislodgement of the trays from the wall.

Refreshing and eye-pleasing, the wall of living plants provides the elements of tranquility, peace and quiet, creating the quintessential ambience for respite and to unwind from events of the day when the occupants of the apartment return.