Indoor Stadium Singapore


To provide pedestal system for quick installation and easy removal of temporary wooden decking over asphalt car park and road.


VersiJack® pedestals support the installation of temporary wooden decking at the event centre for the BNP Paribas Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) Finals Singapore 2014.
Whilst the world’s top-ranked tennis players demonstrated an array of dazzling footwork on court, VersiJack® pedestals demonstrated its position as a pedestal above the rest for decking. VersiJack® ease of height and slope adjustment enabled fast and efficient installation of a level deck on the rough asphalt car park and road surface. The raised decking allowed essential services to be hidden and enabled surface water to drain quickly away whilst at the same time providing an unencumbered, dry and attractive area.
At the conclusion of the tournament, dismantling the temporary decking was equally a breeze. The VersiJack® pedestals were also easily stored for reuse for the next WTA Finals or any other event.