Marina Bay Financial Centre, SIngapore


To provide strong and secure paver support to support heavy pre-cast concrete sections weighing up to 5 tonnes to be raised 900 mm off the base structure.


 Elmich Green Wall System, consisting of Vertical Greening Modules (VGMs) housing a geotextile bag containing soil-less lightweight planting media was specified for this project. Pre-planting of the VGMs was carried out at the nursery about 8 to 12 weeks before scheduled installation, allowing firm establishment and gradual vertical pre-orientation of specially selected indoor plants. On site, metal support brackets were attached to the modules to facilitate their mounting onto pilasters fastened to a steel framework.


A drip irrigation system is incorporated in the system and a drainage gully installed at the base of each wall to collect and channel excess water. Excess water is drained via a down pipe with connection to and linking the drainage gullies of all 8 levels.


Artificial lighting is provided above the walls to provide the plants with an adequate source of light to maintain healthy plant growth.