Jurong Central Park


To provide the Green Roof system to facilitate planting on the mushroom-shaped concrete pitch roof of the McDonald’s restaurant at Jurong Central Park.


The steep gradient of the mushroom-shaped roof necessitated metal restraining barriers to be installed before VersiDrain® 25P drainage and water retention trays, cut to fit the individual compartments created by the restrainers, were positioned. A filter fabric is laid over the trays and a lightweight and primarily inorganic planting media placed on top for the planting of a carpet of pearl grass.


A network of cells in VersiDrain® 25P act as little reservoirs to retain water which is returned, via capillary action, to the planting media during dry spells, maintaining a healthy carpet of green over the eye-catching roof of the restaurant.


An automated irrigation system was incorporated on the roof for use during the initial plant establishment and to deliver regular irrigation when necessary.


The result is a refreshing carpet of green which blends unobtrusively into the green environment of the park.