Rasa Sentosa Resort, Singapore


To provide a modular green wall system to enable vertical greening, both along the front pavement corridor and at the lobby of the beachfront resort hotel.


A stainless steel framework is constructed to enable the green wall at the lobby to tower beyond the height of the wall beside the staircase spiraling from the basement to the lobby at ground level. To allow adequate time for plant establishment, Vertical Greening Modules (VGMs), comprising a geotextile bag filled with soil-less lightweight planting media were pre-planted in a nursery environment about 8 to 12 weeks prior to installation. Metal support brackets are attached to the VGMs on-site enabling the them to be easily and firmly anchored to pilasters secured to the steel framework or directly to the wall. The Elmich modular green wall system allows easy mounting and dismounting of individual VGMs for maintenance or replacement whenever necessary.


Automated drip irrigation and fertilisation systems were installed for each of the walls.


The inviting living wall at the front corridor greet guests and visitors as they arrive at the resort and the towering green wall at the lobby sets the mood for a refreshing stay at Singapore’s only beachfront resort.