Marina Bay City Gallery – Singapore


To provide two indoor green wall panels in the City Gallery, behind the reception counter and the Marina Bay table model.


Elmich Green Wall System was specified for this project. About four months before the system was scheduled to be installed, pre-planting using the Vertical Greening Modules (VGMs), geotextile bag and soil-less lightweight planting media was done at a nursery. This allows firm establishment and pre-orientation of specially selected indoor plants to a vertical format prior to installation. On site, the VGMs are secured in metal support frames and mounted onto pilasters fastened to the wall.


A drip irrigation system is incorporated in the system and a drainage gully installed at the base of the walls to collect and channel excess water. Artificial lighting is provided above the walls to provide the plants with an adequate source of light for healthy plant growth.

A distinctive design feature of the green walls is the flat beams on the walls that artistically connect the lines formed by the supporting pillars of the second floor. This creates a visual flow of lines between the first and second floors.