HDB HUB Exhibition Gallery – Singapore


To install indoor green wall panels along the spiral stairway leading from the basement gallery to the building’s first storey.


Elmich Vertical Greening Modules (VGMs) were pre-planted in a nursery environment with plants suitable for indoor green wall installation. This ensures that the plants are firmly established and sufficiently pre-oriented to growing out of a vertical environment. The VGMs are anchored onto pilasters secured along the wall of the spiral staircase to form poster-like green wall panels.


A drip irrigation system is incorporated in the system and drainage trays placed below the base of the panels to collect and channel excess water. Artificial lighting, installed on the opposite facing wall and directed at the grren wall, provides the plants with adequate light for healthy plant growth.


The green wall poster-panels help to publicise the Housing Development Boards efforts in promoting the greening of Singapores public housing estates.