Hotel Michael, Resorts World Sentosa – Singapore


To provide a 3-storey high Green Wall system to be installed along the beverage alley, which serve patrons of the Casino located within Hotel Michael.


Anchoring pilasters were installed directly onto the wall for the installation of nine 3-storey high green walls, alternating between water features, along the beverage alley beside the Hotel. To allow selected plants to be firmly established, VGMs comprising a geotextile bag filled with soil-less lightweight planting media were pre-planted in a nursery environment. On site, the VGMs were secured in metal support frames and mounted onto the pilasters, with a drip irrigation system installed. The VGM modular green wall system allows individual modules to be dismounted and remounted, facilitating easy maintenance and replacement.

The green walls keep the ambient temperature along the alley cool and provide an aesthetically pleasing green ambience to an otherwise concrete narrow build-up area.