Elmich VGM Green Wall turns all five levels of the Clubhouse façade and a free-standing wall at the entrance to Double Bay Residences into exciting living walls.


Vertical greening 15 metres of the façade, covering 140 sq m and spanning five levels, of the condominium’s clubhouse has made it a talking point while a 56 sq m Elmich VGM Green Wall stands majestically at the main entrance of the condo to welcome residents and greet visitors.

To facilitate easy maintenance at the fifth level of the clubhouse, 15 m from ground level, VGM modules were bolted directly onto a metal framework, which enables pairs of adjacent vertical rows of VGM modules to swing inwards like windows. This reduces requirement for heavy machinery and scaffolding to maintain the green wall and subsequently brings down maintenance costs.

The VGM Green Walls help the condominium to establish an aesthetically pleasing green environment and also to achieve environmental goals.