In conjunction with the cover story on “Going Vertically Green” in Issue 12 of the Landscape Forum magazine, a contest “Bringing Greenery Home” was held in which readers were asked to give the Editor of the magazine one compelling reason why he/she deserves to win two VGP panels complete with plants including installation for their home.


“I like greenery in my home. Everyday that I leave the green wall will give me fresh ideas for my business, and everyday I return the green wall will help me unwind and relax so I can be refreshed for tomorrow” was the winning compelling reason submitted by Mr Ang, Managing Director of an interior decoration company.




The two VGP panels sponsored by Elmich installed at the hallway and study room of Mr Ang’s home.


Mr Ang has in a very simple manner put in a nutshell what vertical greenery in the home, by providing a source of inspiration and therapeutic stress relief, can do for ordinary people faced with the demands of everyday living and a highly competitive business environment.