DTZ is a global leader in end-to-end property solutions and services, operating across more than 260 offices in more than 50 countries. With award winning research and consulting services, DTZ provides global and local market knowledge, forecasting and trend analysis for their clients to make the best long-term decisions to optimise and enhance investment value of their assets.
Recently, one of its offices in Singapore moved into a new premise at TechnoPark@Chai Chee.

Elmich VersiWall GP (VGP) Green Walls bring vertical gardens into the new DTZ office. As one enters the premises, a prominent floor-to-ceiling VGP green wall enhances the reception whilst at the open-plan work area, three pillar columns, each vertically greened on two sides, bring a refreshing touch of nature into the office. The 15 sq m of VGP Green Walls enliven the office and are a source of relaxation and stress relief to the occupants. It also offers a welcoming sight to visiting guests, clients and customers.

Just as DTZ enjoys reputation for excellence in providing on-the-ground leading-edge property insight, the VGP Green Wall system enjoys good repute for being an attractive yet easy-to-install green wall system not only suitable for implementation in office premises like that of DTZ, but by its simplicity in design and security, it is also suitable for do-it-yourself green wall installation.