The Westbury, a Sydney apartment block built in the early 1930s, recently underwent a makeover, including the addition of a rooftop garden, to give it a new lease of life. As the old building does not have balconies, making additional recreational and communal space on its revitalised rooftop is highly prized. Elmich was privileged to have supplied various specialty products for this interesting project.

VersiDrain 25P drainage and water retention trays were installed in the shallow planter areas, facilitating drainage of excess water and the storage of water for plant irrigation during dry spells whilst VersiCell drainage cells were installed at the bottom of the deep planter boxes.
Geotextile was laid over the VersiDrain 25P and VersiCell, followed by the lightweight growing media and planting soil respectively. Both VersiDrain 25P and VersiCell also serve as additional insulation for the building and protection for the underlying waterproofing membrane.

Succulents such as sedum were planted in the shallow areas and small trees such as scented frangipanis, which add shade and aesthetic appeal, were planted in the deep planter boxes.

VersiPave pedestals, were used for paver installation. The raised pavers eliminate unsightly efflorescence, allow services to be concealed, facilitate rapid drainage of surface water and provide protection for the waterproofing membrane. VersiPave also eliminates the need for bedding screeds, offers additional thermal and acoustic insulation and is able to accommodate variations in paver thickness or a slope to fall in the roof slab.

Evalon preformed thermoplastic sheet membranes were used to replace the existing waterproofing membrane on the rooftop. The UV-resistant Evalon is also resistant to bitumen and root penetration making it ideal for the refurbishment of rooftops with existing bitumen membranes into landscaped gardens.

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