The Pinnacle@Duxton, a 50-storey public housing project is unique in Singapore history. Many features set it apart from other HDB housing projects. It is the first housing project in the world with two unique sky-bridges linking the seven blocks at the 26th and 50th storey. The sky bridges form a jogging track on the rooftop at a height of 156m and create possibly the longest continuous sky-garden in the world. The Pinnacle’s sky garden is also currently one of the country’s tallest observatory decks accessible to the public.

Elmich was privileged to have supplied specialty products for this iconic project. Elmich Green Wall, designed in isolated bands up to the first floor, was installed along the facade of the Pinnacle to give it a distinctive bar-code design. Elmich VersiCell drainage modules were used in planter boxes and landscaped areas throughout the project, including the Pinnacle’s sky garden, to facilitate sub-soil drainage and prevent water-logging.

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