During the Singapore Aboriculture Society’s Annual General Meeting, Mr Ben Gooden, Managing Director of Citygreen presented to its members on the applications of Structural RootCell® and showcased numerous case studies worldwide.




In an urbanised city like Singapore, preventing tree roots from interfering with infrastructure becomes increasingly challenging. Each year, up to 2,000 trees are introduced to Singapore’s roads, parks and state lands (Othman, 2015). Mr Gooden proudly shared the recent photos of StrataVault® (RootCell®) being installed at Empress Place and Esplanade Park, providing a pedestrian-friendly precinct with trees planted for shade and greening the landscape.

StrataVault® (RootCell®) engineered in Australia, provides an innovative solution for healthy root growth through the employment of advanced design geometry and reinforced copolymers to produce an incredibly robust, skeletal matrix. Made of 100% recycled plastic, it is definitely a practical solution to create sustainable urban cities.

Members of SAS were enlightened and excited with their new-found “secret” to increasing tree canopy. The meeting ended with a networking buffet dinner for designers, engineers and aborists to mingle.

During Mr Gooden’s visit to Singapore, he also conducted several presentations with companies such as Surbana Jurong and DP Green to address design challenges related with tree establishments.

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