On 6 May 2022, Sembcorp officially launched Singapore’s first land-based solar farm with an integrated portable rainwater harvesting system in Tuas Bay Lane, built on approximately 10ha of vacant unoccupied land.

The solar farm is designed to be modular and flexible such that it can be redeployed when land is needed for other uses. Elmich worked closely with It Meng Landscape & Construction Pte Ltd on this spectacular project.

The portable rainwater harvesting system is expected to collect 170,000 m3 of water per year, which will be utilised to cool and clean the 33,580 solar panels to ensure optimal performance.

Rainwater is collected via a drainage network built between the solar panel arrays and connected to an underground water storage tank that was constructed using several thousand sets of VersiTank® 555. The modularity and portability of VersiTank® makes it easy to be tailored to meet the specific requirements of any site.


Installation of VersiTank® Underground Storage Tank

Step 1: An excavation was carried out at the site. The excavated pit was levelled and checked for sharp objects.


Step 2: The Pond Liner (Euraplan®) which is impermeable was laid on the underlying Geotextile.


Step 3: VersiTank® 555 was pre-assembled off-site.


Step 4: VersiTank® 555 was then deployed and installed in a linear format, interlocked one to the other in the pit.


Step 5: VersiTank® 555 was then covered with Euraplan®, lapped and sealed at all joints.


The system (Step 1 to 5) allows rainwater to readily infiltrate through to the tank below whilst ensuring that solids, including mud and clay, are filtered and prevented from entering the tank.

Step 6: The pit and the entire tank installation were backfilled with sand to the appropriate level and topped with a layer of small aggregate.


Final Step: The soil was compacted with a roller. Installation completed.


Project Credits Owner: SEMBCORP INDUSTRIES Main Contractor: JEL MAINTENANCE PTE LTD Rainwater Harvesting Design and Installer: IT MENG LANDSCAPE & CONSTRUCTION PTE LTD VersiTank® and Euraplan® Supplier: ELMICH PTE LTD

About VersiTank®

VersiTank®, made from recycled polypropylene material, is a high strength and lightweight interlocking sub-surface stormwater infiltration or storage tank which allows water to be discharged into the surrounding soil or via controlled release to connected stormwater pipes or when enveloped in an impervious membrane allows retention or temporary storage of stormwater for re-use or release. It is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to conventional methods for stormwater management.  Maximum stability afforded by the ability to interlock both vertically and horizontally and together with high compressive strength allows it to be used beneath trafficable areas. For further information on VersiTank® and other products and services offered by ELMICH, please contact:


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