Completed in 2018, Marina One comprises four buildings for office, retail and residence in the heart of Marina Bay. From the outside, the mixed-use development looks just like any other building in the concrete jungle that is Singapore’s Central Business District, but a step inside reveals much more.

marinaone 6

Employing a ‘City in a Garden’ concept, Marina One’s unique architectural louvres, inspired by Asian rice terraces in a valley, facilitate airflow and improve the microclimate. Its main feature is a central plaza that spans several stories and houses food & beverage, retail and residential amenities and a biodiversity garden, serving as a communal space for relaxation and interaction.

Designed in collaboration with landscape architects Gustafson Porter + Bowman and ICN Design, the aptly named Green Heart is a green oasis surrounded by Marina One’s four buildings, making the lush foliage a focal point of the development. It comprises 350 plant species over 37,000 sqm of landscaped area, providing a tranquil respite to residents, workers and visitors amidst the bustling megacity.

Besides its extensive landscape greenery, Marina One is also environmentally green. It has been awarded the LEED Platinum and Green Mark Platinum certifications for sustainable design and features, including the use of resource-efficient systems and green building products.

In total, 2,700 sqm of VersiCell® sub-surface drainage cells were installed as a lightweight and efficient drainage solution at landscaped areas, while 5550 units of VersiPave® lightweight paver supports for independent paver correction were used in the M&E facility. Our Fleximent® 201, Bitulen® 180, Eurathane® 2000 and Synthaprufe waterproofing membranes were also used in several areas of the development.

For their ecological impact towards sustainable development, VersiCell® and VersiPave® are certified by the Singapore Green Building Council and Ecospecifier Global while Fleximent® 201 and Eurathane® 2000 are certified by the Singapore Environment Council. Such green certifications awarded to Elmich products contribute to the green building ratings of the developments that they are used in. Elmich is proud of our role in developing sustainable infrastructure worldwide as we fulfil our vision of providing sustainable building solutions to create cities, where urban meets nature.


Project Credits:

Developer: M+S Pte Ltd

Design Architect: ingenhoven architects

Project Architect: Architects 61

Landscape Architect: Gustafson Porter + Bowman

Local Landscape Consultant: ICN Design International Pte Ltd

Main Contractor: Hyundai-GS Joint Venture