The Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Queensland, Australia, a project seven years in the making with a budget of A$1.5 billion was officially opened on 29 November 2014. The 359-bed hospital, named after the renowned Queensland clinician, Lady Phyllis Cilento, provides specialist pediatric care for children and represents the largest capital investment in children’s health services in Queensland’s state history.




Designed by architects from Conrad Gargett and Lyons, the hospital won the prestigious Future Health Project Award at the 2014 Design and Health International Academy Awards. Its contemporary and complex design took into consideration and reflects contemporary research that highlights the significant influence greenery and nature in the built environment has on health and wellbeing, especially beneficial in the setting of a hospital.


Elmich has played a significant part in the abundance of greenery in the building’s design. The green features include roof gardens with a staggering 46,000 individual plants; a green pitch roof consisting of 23,000 plants; planter boxes; and 12 free-standing green walls. Together, they create the therapeutic and aesthetically pleasing environmentally-friendly features incorporated in the design of the building.
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Elmich VersiWall® GM (VGM) system was instrumental in the installation of the 12 free-standing green walls and also the greening of the pitch roof and its retaining wall. Pre-planting of VGM modules with selected plants in a nursery environment prior to installation enabled quick establishment of the lush green features at the hospital in a relatively short time.

Elmich VersiJack® height and slope adjustable pedestals facilitated the installation and creation of expansive raised paver areas that grace the hospital’s environmental roof deck.


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