Elmich VGM® Green Wall system was put through a comprehensive wind tunnel test in Melbourne, Australia to validate its integrity and safety under a tropical revolving storm condition.


The sample tested consisted of the full green wall system, comprising of VGM planting modules, mounting brackets, pilasters and anti-lift arms, mounted on a 1.2m x 1.2m wall frame. During the tests, the green wall was subjected to 3 different wind speeds up to 108 km/h, conducted for 10 minutes each at 3 different wind directions. All components of the green wall system, including the plants, withstood the strong wind conditions and remained intact at the end of the tests.


This wind tunnel test is part of Elmich’s continuous effort to develop innovative and safe urban greenery systems and products. In addition to being certified by professional engineers to be safe for façade installation in normal conditions, the VGM Green Wall system is now proven to be also secure in high wind load and tropical storm conditions.


The support system of Elmich Green Wall was reviewed by Professional Engineers and satisfy all the stringent requirements laid down under design code BS 5950, the British Standard for the design, fabrication and erection of structural steelwork.