National University of Singapore’s (NUS), UTown (University Town), located just across the main NUS Kent Ridge Campus is set to become a vibrant intellectual and social hub for some 2,400 undergraduate students, 1,700 graduate students, and 1,000 researchers to work, live and learn together.


Green roof - elmich - nus utown01


Integration of Green Concepts

The UTown’s design integrates green concepts in its master planning and building that will allow living and learning to be entwined. The Education Resource Centre (ERC), strategically positioned at the heart of the Utown campus and set against lush surrounding greenery, is one of these buildings.


A focal point for activities
The ERC serves as a focal point for activities for UTown residents. It houses facilities from research and computer labs and lecture theatres to seminar rooms, e-learning cafes and clusters of study spaces.


Green roof - elmich - nus utown02

Extensive Green Roof


Two Green Roof Decks
The roof of the building is designed to incorporate two green roof decks, an accessible intensive green (landscape) roof on the lower deck, and an inaccessible extensive green roof on the upper deck. Residents looking out from their windows from the tower blocks of the neighbouring graduate residences are presented with the therapeutic and delightful patterns of the green roof.


Green roof - elmich - nus utown03

Intensive Green Roof


Elmich Green Roof Systems
Elmich Landscape Roof and Elmich Green Roof were the roof systems chosen and used for the 1,800 sq m intensive green roof and 1,600 sq m extensive green roof respectively on the roof of the ERC. The green roofs not only offer immediate visible aesthetic value but also long term energy cost savings and environmental benefits for the ERC, Utown and the community at large.


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