Managing Director, Mr. Martin Toh was invited to speak at the SMC Annual Conference, which took place at the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) on 5 November, 2015. Co-organised with Singapore Business Federation (SBF), winners of the 2015 Green Technology Awards were given the opportunity to share their best sustainability practices with industry participants.


During his session, Martin shared on the Company’s practices in engineering products from concept to design, to final implementation, installation and completion. The entire process usually requires a long gestation period, during which constant changes are inevitable. However, it is crucial for Elmich to allow for some flexibility and accept changes in order to remain relevant.



Elmich has strived to be at the leading edge of providing products that are versatile yet sustainable without compromising on quality and safety standards; often optimising existing resources through choice of raw material, improving product design which requires lesser material whilst achieving better performances – innovating to optimise existing resources.

He went on to share about Elmich’s modest beginnings in 1985 and the manufacturing of our first sustainable landscape product dated back in 1991.

During the presentation, Martin was able to cover with participants our green technology implementation & policies and a handful of case studies to illustrate our sustainable journey in reducing carbon and water footprint. A lively Q&A session was held at the end of the presentation, with lots of interest shown by participants which was beneficial to all.