VersiWall® GP (VGP) 2060 living walls line both sides of function area, SpiraPave® pedestals support bearers beneath wooden decking of pool surrounds and VersiCell® sub-surface drainage modules provide drainage in planter boxes on the E-deck of the MODA.
Elmich is the complete solution provider on the E-deck of the condominium. The VGP 2060 green walls, one facing the other, set the mood for relaxing afternoon tea, an evening party, a barbecue or is simply a green retreat within the confines of the small condominium consisting of 56 apartment units. The raised wooden decking is a picture of function and elegance around the pool and the landscaped planter boxes complement both the green walls and the wooden decking around the pool to ensure optimum harmony, comfort and balance between the residents and nature.