Orchard Central Mall – Singapore


To provide a modular green wall system to enable vertical greening of a series of 3 high walls totalling 160 m2 and a section of the corridor on the 11th storey and 2 separate lower walls on the 12th storey totalling 45 m2.


Anchoring pilasters were welded onto steel support beams installed onto the walls. VGMs, comprising a geotextile bag filled with soil-less lightweight planting media were pre-planted in a nursery environment to allow for plant establishment. The VGMs were encased in metal support frames on-site and mounted onto the pilasters and a drip irrigation system installed. This green wall system allows easy mounting and dismounting of individual VGMs for maintenance or replacement if necessary. The green walls complement and create the atmosphere for al fresco dining on the 2 uppermost floors of the Mall.