Greenwood Sanctuary @Admiralty – Singapore


To provide facility for infiltration and filtration of stormwater before discharge into the local storm drain network and creating dry pond features in the park.


Eleven pits were excavated to specification in the compound of the park. Each pit is compacted and levelled with a layer of coarse sand and lined with geotextile. VersiTank units were positioned in the pits according to pre-planned designs and covered over with geotextile lapped and sealed at all joints to envelope each tank.


The geotextile allows rainwater to readily pass but ensures that solids, including mud and clay, are filtered and prevented from entering the tanks below. Sand is levelled over the geotextile and topped with a coarse aggregate layer.


Pipes were then installed connecting the tanks either directly to a discharge outlet or to other inter-connected underground tanks sharing the same discharge outlet. Subsequently a fine aggregate layer is added and finished with sand to create dry pond features.